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mom.me 01/07/2015

Questioning Birth Control Is Not Anti-Feminist
Ricki Lake is at it again, doing what she did for hospital birth in "The Business of Being Born," now with hormonal birth control. This time, she's looking to put the mainstream idea that hormonal birth control is best for women to the test, with her documentary, "Sweetening the Pill," based off of the similarly named popular book.

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Fit Pregnancy 04/30/2015

The 10 Best Fertility Apps for 2015
TTC? There's an app for that. In fact, the fertility app space has never been, well, more fertile. One of these 10 picks may help you conceive this year.

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Mommy greenest

Mommy Greenest 03/30/2015

Mommy Greenest Approved: daysy Fertility Monitoring System
More effective than the Pill.
The future of contraception?


WomensForum 03/16/2015

The New "No Pill" Birth Control Method
There are two scientifically proven ways to detect fertility in a women. One is the rhythm method, which tracks your menstrual cycles, so you can abstain from unprotected vaginal sex when you’re most likely to become pregnant. The other is symptom-based awareness. Basal body temperatures, cervical mucus and cervical position can be monitored to determine fertility.

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mHealth Spot

mHealth Spot 02/22/2015

Interview with Valley Electronics LLC's COO, Jessica Griger

The company makes daysy, a smart, mobile-connected fertility management solution that tracks ovulation cycles with a sleek basal body thermometer.

A Little Crunchy

A Little Crunchy 02/17/2015

Daysy Fertility Monitor – To help conceive or not!